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Limited time penalty waivers for your 2020/21 tax return

penalty waivers for 2020/21 tax returns

Didn’t manage to file your tax return by the deadline of the 31st of January?  Don’t panic! To help taxpayers and advisers affected by the surge in Covid-19 cases as a result of the Omicron variant, penalty waivers will apply for a limited time where the 2021/22 tax return is filed late or where tax … Read more

Amending Your Tax Return

Changing your tax return

The deadline for filing the 2017/18 self-assessment tax return of 31 January 2019 has now passed. You filed your return on time and paid the tax that you thought was due, but you know realise that you have made a mistake. Is it too late to correct it, and if not, how do you go … Read more