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Business planning

Running a business can be challenging at times, but knowing you have sound financial advice and up to date information on which to base your decisions is invaluable.

Walking on top of a mountain

Running your own business can be very rewarding but nearly always requires courage, insight and a lot of hard work. And whilst we all know the adage, work on your business not in your business, that’s often difficult to achieve.

From the first bright idea to exit planning

Our team has extensive industry experience across a variety of sectors which means our business planning services can provide you with the type of objective insights you need to make informed decisions. What’s more, sound business planning has knock on beneficial effects throughout the business, and can boost productivity, efficiency, morale, confidence and help with long term planning.

The good news is that we can step in to help at any time, whether you’re in the early stages of a start-up, struggling with growth or tax efficient profit extraction or planning your exit strategy. And of course, all our business planning services dovetail with the accountancy compliance services that we can provide.

Our core business planning services

Every business is different, and we’ll provide the services that are relevant to you and your business, however, our core business planning services include:

  • Choosing the right business structure
  • Pay structure, share incentives and profit extraction
  • Investment plans, growth and development
  • Tax planning and advice
  • Reorganisations and mergers
  • The family business and associated issues
  • Succession and exit planning

An independent sounding board and advisor

As your accountants, we pride ourselves on being open, accessible, and here when you need us (and not when you don’t). We seem to be living through a turbulent decade and when you’re running a business this can be unnerving. We recognise you may need quick advice about whether, if and how to react to certain events, and with a pre-existing understanding of your business that means we’re in an ideal position to help.