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Have you claimed the Employment Allowance?

Employment Allowance

The Employment Allowance is a National Insurance allowance that eligible employers can claim and set against their secondary Class 1 National Insurance liability. The allowance is set at £4,000 for 2021/22 (capped at the employer’s secondary National Insurance liability for the year where this is lower). Can you claim it? Not all employers are able … Read more

Employed? What the forthcoming National Insurance increases will mean for you

Forthcoming National Insurance increases

To help meet the costs of health and adult social care, a new levy, the Health and Social Care Levy, is introduced from 6 April 2023. Payment of the levy, which is set at the rate of 1.25% of qualifying earnings, is linked to the payment of National Insurance contributions. Prior to the introduction of … Read more

Limited time penalty waivers for your 2020/21 tax return

penalty waivers for 2020/21 tax returns

Didn’t manage to file your tax return by the deadline of the 31st of January?  Don’t panic! To help taxpayers and advisers affected by the surge in Covid-19 cases as a result of the Omicron variant, penalty waivers will apply for a limited time where the 2021/22 tax return is filed late or where tax … Read more

Paying back a director’s loan – beware of the anti-avoidance rules

paying back a director's loan

Transactions between a director and his or her personal or family company are common and a director’s loan account is simply an account for recording the transactions that occur between the two. However, there are tax consequences for the company if the director owes money to the company and the loan remains outstanding nine months … Read more

Tax relief for pre-trading expenses

tax relief on pre-trading expenses

There is a lot of preparation involved in setting up a business, and costs will be incurred, which may be substantial. Before it is able to start trading, a business may incur expenditure on items such as: acquiring premises; recruiting staff; buying stock; setting up website; IT costs; advertising and marketing; and travel and subsistence. … Read more