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Managing your wealth

It can be difficult to know the best way to manage your wealth, even if it’s only a small amount, but we work with a network of trusted partners to ensure you get the best advice.

Diving into a blue lake

Managing your wealth takes many different forms and you don’t have to be particularly wealthy to benefit from sound financial advice about how to manage and or invest your capital in the most effective way.

For example, you may wish to grow your personal wealth with tax efficient investments or careful pension planning. Or you may wish to consider ways to minimise your inheritance tax liability by making lifetime gifts, plan for school fees for the grandchildren or leave a legacy by making tax efficient charitable donations or setting up a trust.

Making the most of opportunities

Whether you have a certain lifelong financial ambition, or a financial opportunity has come along unexpectedly, sometimes you need professional advice and assistance to bring things to fruition. Knowing the full implications and tax advantages of the many different ways you may wish to invest or manage your wealth not only brings peace of mind but is key to maximising the potential of any such opportunity and minimising any risk.

As your accountant and tax advisor we can work alongside you to identify or explain financial opportunities, and if it’s an area where we think you may need additional expertise, we can recommend a suitable, tried and tested partner from our network.

Considerations for managing your wealth

There are a number of areas which you may wish to consider when it comes to managing your wealth and these include:

  • Inheritance tax planning
  • Retirement planning
  • Trusts and foundations
  • Property and tax efficient investment

Seize the day

It is never too late to start planning the future, and a little money, managed wisely, can go a long way. We will work with you at whatever stage you’re at so that you can shape your finances and financial decisions to support the future you aspire to.