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The AccountWise team

We pride ourselves on being professional but we also like to think that we’re a fun, friendly and informal bunch. And we’ll always greet you with a warm smile, and a good cup of coffee.

AccountWise Wokingham Accountants staff

Who are we?

We’re a small but highly skilled team of accountants who have experience of a large variety of industries and businesses. Founded by Rob Melhuish in 2004, our mission has always been to provide a first-class accountancy service with a more personal approach and to take away the stress and hassle of accounting.

What makes us different?

Although we love compliance and detail, we also believe in bringing together all the threads of your financial circumstances (both business and personal) to help you plan and achieve your financial goals. That can and does take many forms, from helping you make financial decisions, cashflow management, tax planning and exit strategies, to school fee planning, creating a legacy and planning your retirement. That’s also where our financial coaching comes into its own and can make a real difference to how you manage your money.

Rob Melhuish

Rob Melhuish

I’m a chartered account and a fully accredited financial coach, and my interests very much lie in helping you see the bigger picture and join the dots. Whilst I do love a spreadsheet, I really like working with clients to help them understand what’s going on (or sometimes going wrong) with their finances and then helping them identify and achieve their goals. It’s here that I can make the most difference.

Diana Bovegrove

Diana Lovegrove

I’m an experienced accountant and a problem solver, and I enjoy getting stuck into a financial challenge to find a solution. We’re a fun team to work with and the fact that we have dedicated account managers means we can deliver a really high level of service. And that feels good.

Laura Hart

Laura Hart

Apart from being an experienced accountant, I’m normally head tea maker in the office! As a client manager, I’m also always available at the end of the phone and I’m really proud that as a team, we share a common goal of wanting to do our absolute best for clients. We always go that extra mile and that’s one of the things that makes us different.

Sam Rush

Sam Rush

I’ve been described as the engine-room of AccountWise, making sure that everything ticks over smoothly. I love the people I work with, and I think clients can sense that we’re a great team who work well together and always try to be as helpful as we can be.