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Is it worthwhile making additional pension contributions before 6 April 2022?

pension contributions

It is prudent to plan ahead for retirement and tax breaks are available to encourage savings into a registered pension scheme. Contributions into a registered pension scheme attract tax relief as long as the contributions are covered by the available annual allowance and are not more than 100% of earnings (or £3,600 if higher). Tax-relieved … Read more

Increasing the normal minimum pension age

Pension age

The normal minimum pension age (NMPA) is the age at which most pension savers can access their pensions without incurring an unauthorised pension charge (unless they take their pension earlier due to ill-health). Registered pension scheme cannot normally pay any benefits to members until they reach the NMPA (except in the case of ill-health). Registered … Read more

Pension annual allowance – Making tax relieved contributions

Pension annual allowance

Tax relief is available to encourage individuals to make contributions to registered private pension plans. However, while there is no limit to the amount that an individual can contribute to their pension plans, there are limits on the contributions that qualify for tax relief. One of those limits is the annual allowance. Tax relieved contributions … Read more

Deferring your state pension

Deferring your state pension

If your contributions record is sufficient, you will be entitled to the state pension on reaching state pension age. The age at which you reach state pension age depends on when you were born. To qualify for a full single-tier state pension (set at £168.60 per week for 2019/20, rising to £175.70 per week for … Read more