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Pension annual allowance – Making tax relieved contributions

Pension annual allowance

Tax relief is available to encourage individuals to make contributions to registered private pension plans. However, while there is no limit to the amount that an individual can contribute to their pension plans, there are limits on the contributions that qualify for tax relief. One of those limits is the annual allowance. Tax relieved contributions … Read more

What tax allowances and thresholds have been frozen until 2026?

Freezing of allowances and thresholds

To help meet some of the costs incurred in dealing with the Covid-19 pandemic, the Chancellor announced in his 2021 Budget that a number of allowances and thresholds will remain at their 2021/22 levels until 6 April 2026. Those affected are outlined below. Personal allowance The personal allowance was increased to £12,570 for 2021/22, up … Read more

Small Business Emergency Action Plan for Covid-19

Covid-19 emergency action plan

Not all businesses are going to survive the next three months. For many businesses there is the reality of reduced or no sales for the next three or so months and even beyond if the Covid-19 virus remains. What you can do is stay healthy and ensure your loved ones are too. After all, if … Read more