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Training costs and the self-employed

Training costs and the self-employed

A sole trader or proprietor of an unincorporated business may incur training costs. The tax treatment of those costs depends on whether the costs are regarded as ‘revenue’ or ‘capital’ expenditure. HMRC have revised their guidance in this area, expanding the range of training for which a deduction is available. Old rules Previously, HMRC only … Read more

Utilise the deduction for paid and reimbursed expenses


Employees often need to incur expenses when undertaking their jobs. The nature of the expense may vary depending on the job, but typical expenses include travel and subsistence expenses and fees and subscriptions. It will often be the case that the employee initially incurs the expense and then reclaims the cost from their employer via … Read more

Relief for homeworking expenses post Covid-19

relief for homeworking expenses

The Covid-19 pandemic forced large numbers of employees to work from home for the first time. Having made the transition to homeworking, post-pandemic, many employees have continued to work from home some or all of the time. Household expenses Employees who work from home may incur costs as a result, such as increased household bills. … Read more

Identifying NIC increases on a payslip

National Insurance Contributions

For 2022/23 only, the rates of Class 1 (employer and employee) National Insurance contributions are increased by 1.25 percentage points, along with the rates of Class 1A, Class 1B and Class 4 contributions. The NIC increases are a temporary increase pending the introduction of the Health and Social Care Levy from 6 April 2023. The … Read more